Ability to Customize Your Profile

So far, I really love ConnectDev. I signed up because I was unable to join the Roblox Devfourm. I personally feel like the Site Devs should add an ability to further customize our profiles. For an example, the ability to link YouTube channels and Twitter pages. Below can be shown an example.

I came here because I have tried for 2 YEARS to get on the Devfourm. I feel like the people on ConnectDev should be able to get the best experiences.

Thank You!

Welcome @Kermit_Moh to ConnectDev.

@Mason and his right hand staff members will get to all those things

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Hey there!

Though Discourse is the similar thing between the sites, they don’t operate the same. DevFourm still does their own CSS and HTML changes that I cannot add, unfortunately. I’ll look into trying to find some sort of way to do that. :frowning:


Ah. Thank you for the response. I understand.

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