A fluid, multi-line and epic radio system

Hello there :wave:

I’ve created a radio system to use it for my own, as well as selling it to others, I was wondering can I get some feedback here as well.

There are 2 versions of the radio system, normal and compact.
Let me show you the normal one first:

and… the compact one.

Let me know if you have any suggestions, thanks :smile:


It looks nice, but it looks more like a chat system than a radio system. Why do you call it this?

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A radio system is like if you were a police officer and you were holding a radio and you pressed a button and it played your audio to the other radio.

Not a music radio


Ooooh, that makes sense, thanks.


This is really good! I am sure many people will use it!

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Have you tested it on phone/mobile?
It could get in the way of the move button or be annoying sometimes, also it looks amazing!

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